6 week series July 1 through August 9

Monday, Wednesday, Friday — 8:30 am

Dryden Office located at 15 Ellis Dr.

Improve your speed and muscle mass with this class designed for the high school athlete. Join us for 6 weeks of intense training to improve your strength and speed over summer break. This camp is designed by our staff of personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists and physical therapists to improve performance and prevent injury.


Tuesday and Thursday — 5:00 pm

Dryden Office located at 15 Ellis Dr.

Have you felt there was something missing from your training program? Looking to change up your plan and feel stronger during your run? This is the class for you!

Resistance training in the running population is critical to optimize power during the gait cycle, improve max speed, and decrease the risk of injury. This class will target specific areas and movements that are common problem areas in most runners and set you on the right course.

The class is led by McCune & Murphy Physical Therapy physical therapist Dr. Jason Tuori. Dr. Tuori is a strength and conditioning specialist, USA track and field coach, and an avid runner.